Rallying around the $60,000 mark for over a week, on Friday, Bitcoin prices took a hit after Turkey’s central bank announced a ban on cryptocurrency usage.

The new legislation published in the “Official Gazette” prohibits using tokens based on the distributed ledger technology (DLT) for making payments.

Turkey’s top banking authority, the Central Bank reiterated that cryptocurrencies’ usage could be detrimental to the already struggling economy.

In a statement to the press, the banking regulatory authority said: “Their (cryptocurrencies) use in payments may cause non-recoverable losses for the parties to the transactions.”

The ban will come into effect from April…

In the wake of an information revolution, all the more business organizations are getting digital either to collaborate or reach a wider audience. Social networking serves as conduits of information-exchange and allows a business leader to become influential in virtual space. Riding over the business goals, an influential CEO has an upper hand to connect to scattered audience-segments that are homogenous, densely constructed and centred on familial relationships.


Not too surprising, big business organizations are spending more time on social networking to attract unmatched loyalty through brand-building on popular social networking platforms. Fortune 500 companies, for example, show whether…

Whether or not you’re someone who takes an active interest in evolving technologies, it is very likely that you would have come across Artificial Intelligence. And when in 2018, events like Wimbledon start to rely on AI, using player’s emotions to edit highlights, the likelihood of your encounter with Artificial Intelligence increases.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making headlines drawing attention from tech enthusiasts and experts from all across the globe. …

“Currently, the biggest challenge is that financially impoverished farmers and their families produce the Cocoa and for them buying fertilizers and pesticides isn’t not an affordable option.”

Experts and environmentalists studying climate change and its effects have warned that because of the increasingly warming temperature, it would be difficult to grow the crop and so we could run out of chocolates in the next 30 years.

Cocoa beans coming from the Cacao tree grow only in humid conditions of the equatorial rainforests. Diseases threaten this plant. …

If you’re launching an ICO for your new blockchain-based project there are certain key points and strategies that can help you reach global investors. While a project’s whitepaper, website layout, UI and content are important, another major factor that can drastically improve your reachability is personalization of your content. And the first step to let your content be personalised for a global target audience is to have your ICO website and white paper translated so that you communicate your ideas to your potential investors in their native language.

Let’s quickly take a look at 5 most important advantages of getting…

Recently, I got a chance to get invovled in a discussion about the status of social welfare programs and policies adopted by the US and other major economic powers. And so, here’s an article that runs through a brief history of social welfare in the United States.

Though social welfare is a very common term that we often come across while discussing the socio-economic situation of any country it is not easy to have a one precise definition.

So, what does social welfare actually mean?

To understand social welfare we have to understand a very important term called “Welfare Economics”.


2017 and early 2018 saw a wave of securities class action litigation targeted at ICO companies. Some of the companies involved in defending class action lawsuits are Tezos, Centra Tech, Coinbase and others. A common theme in many of these lawsuits is the plaintiff’s allegations that digital tokens are securities and should be marketed in strict compliance with securities regulations in the US.

Another common theme is an allegation of fraud and misrepresentation, going after original representations in the White Paper and the actual status of product development at the time of litigation.

Publicly traded companies are no stranger to…

From Trump Coin to Tit Coin and from Pot coin to Fuck tokens, most of these bizarre and strange cryptocurrencies are actually doing good!

In 2017 we witnessed an unexpected surge in the price of popular cryptocurrencies which not only triggered the popularity of the blockchain technology but also inspired a number of startups and businesses to create their own alternative currency. While every coin or currency is developed for a purpose and a particular use, some are innovative, unusual, or outrightly bizarre. Here’s a list of 10 moderate to insanely unconventional cryptocurrencies and their strange uses.

  1. Whooper Coin: With…

As more and more blockchain projects are coming up with innovative solutions to complex business problems, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and according to Coin Market Cap, currently, there are over 1400 cryptocurrencies exchanging hands on popular Crypto exchanges.

Of all the cryptocurrencies in circulation, there are already over 40 cryptocurrencies with a Market Cap of over $1 billion. Interesting, isn’t it?

As more and more businesses and startups are already developing their own token and Blockchain projects with Dapps in particular taking over, one may wonder what are the benefits of having their own cryptocurrency — is it necessary…


Blockchain offers an innovative solution for safe and decentralized payment transfers. The cryptocurrencies developed with the aid of blockchain technology have fairly revolutionized the way we have been making transactions and has infused a level of security and transparency which otherwise is regulated and controlled. Ethereum, goes beyond being just a platform for peer to peer digital currency transfer and offers greater flexibility and wider application of the blockchain technology through smart contracts. This has made it one of the most popular blockchain and has led to exponentially increased traffic in recent years on its blockchain. With smart contract several…

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