10 Unexpectedly popular and unusual Cryptocurrencies

From Trump Coin to Tit Coin and from Pot coin to Fuck tokens, most of these bizarre and strange cryptocurrencies are actually doing good!

In 2017 we witnessed an unexpected surge in the price of popular cryptocurrencies which not only triggered the popularity of the blockchain technology but also inspired a number of startups and businesses to create their own alternative currency. While every coin or currency is developed for a purpose and a particular use, some are innovative, unusual, or outrightly bizarre. Here’s a list of 10 moderate to insanely unconventional cryptocurrencies and their strange uses.

  1. Whooper Coin: With the Russian Government being lenient with uses and mining of cryptocurrencies, Burger King in Russia has joined the ride by announcing its own new cryptocurrency. The Whooper Coin token is created to reward the customers. The customers get Burger King’s Whopper Coins in their digital wallets for every purchase of signature Whooper sandwich. They are then able to buy Burgers with the tokens received and collected.

2. TrumpCoin (https://www.trumpcoin.com ): “A cryptocurrency developed to support POTUS Donald Trump, it is developed on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain. Trump Coin was created in February 2016 to help Donald Trump with his presidential campaign. TrumpCoin’s website says “ Our Goal is to support president Trump in his powerful vision to make America Great Again.” By supporting the TrumpCoin digital currency movement you’re supporting the Trump patriots”. It’s not that strange that this coin exists, at least not for supporters of president Trump.

3. PotCoin (https://www.potcoin.com) : Just when you were thinking how strange it can be, here’s a coin that has everything to do only with cannabis. Claiming to be the first digital currency dedicated to transactions within the Cannabis Industry, Potcoin has a Market Capitalization of over 19 Million US dollars. Their goal is to empower and secure the global cannabis community by facilitating faster and secure transactions.

4. Venezuelan Petro — While the inflation rate are skyrocketing in Venezuela and its economy is in a state of turmoil, launched in Feb 2018 by the Venezuelan government this cryptocurrency is created to help the Venezuelan economy. The coin is claimed to be backed by Venezuela’s oil and mineral reserves and is said to help Venezuela overcome the sanctions imposed by the United states and EU. For president Nicolas Maduro the Petro cryptocurrency is all about the welfare of Venezuela and he also claimed that Venezuela has sold over $5 Billion in Petro cryptocurrency.

5. Gramatik — Gramatik is a slovenian DJ and an electronic music producer. Launching his own cryptocurrency to get support from fans worldwide Gramatik raised over $2m in just 24 hours. Pretty successful, isn’t it ? The Gramatik token is also created to fight the music piracy and diminish the excessive role of intermediaries in the Audio Entertainment Industry. While gramatik is not the one of its kind cryptocurrencies in the Audio Entertainment Industry, it is indeed one of the most successful fan club cryptocurrencies.

5. Garlicoin (https://garlicoin.io )- Created in December 2017, Garlicoin is born out of a meme that went popular on reddit. It all started as a joke until they actually developed the Garlicoin. Though it is not the only meme born coin but definitely the funniest and one of the most successful meme coins out there. This alternative currency is all about Garlic bread meme and the community they have developed around the garlicoin meme. Imagine, Garlicon as a comment joking about something on a social media platform and somebody actually doing it for real encashing its popularity.

6. Legends Room (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/legends-room/) : Another weird idea, this time inspiring Legends room, a club in las vegas, to launch their own cryptocurrency for its members has been fairly successful. While this coin was developed for the members to use it for making payments while not having to reveal their identities, it quickly got popular and even other clubs started accepting the LGD coin. The Legend Rooms coin offers a member holding holding 5000 coins a free lifetime membership to a las vegas strip club.

7. Cthulhu Offerings (https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/1196-promises-of-dreamland-offerings-to-cthulhu/) — This is perhaps one of the weirdest currencies that exists. The weird currency is centred around an imaginary God “Cthulhu” and a ritual that they claim to follow as the equinoxes draw near.

The tokens are offered to the “Cthulhu God” in the ritual and at the end of the ritual there is a reward for the lucky worshipper. The ritual is observed and repeated after six months. The ritual includes promises of a dreamland to the participants.

8. Tit Coin (http://www.joy-toilet.com/titcoin/ ) — This coin is dedicated to the adult entertainment industry and it also claims to be the official cryptocurrency of the adult industry.

This decentralized peer to peer network digital currency allows its users to make payments for adult purchases as in products and services including pornography and due to the nature of alternative currencies the users remain anonymous. Moreover, TitCoin doesn’t ask its users for any personal identifiable information. Launched in January 2014, Titcoin is one of the leading adult cryptocurrencies dominating the adult crypto market. Moreover TitCoin has also been nominated two years in a row as “Alternative Payment Services Company of the Year” during the 2015 and 2016 XBIZ Awards.

10. Fuck Token (https://fucktoken.com )- This is another bizarre token and is as bizarre as it could be. The moment I got to read “ Fuck Token” I thought it would be just another crypto related to the adult entertainment industry. but then that would ahve made it a just another currency. In fact, it’s really strange for the noble puprose it serves.

The fuck token website explains fuck token as — “ a social cryptocurrency that aims to help everyone around the world give a FUCK. Our cryptocurrency allows anyone, anywhere to send and receive money almost instantly with extremely low fees.” The idea of fuck token is to allow people to express themselves freely about anything by literally giving fucks. This is actually a fun token which has no investment value though.

There are several other cryptocurrencies that have unusual or bizarre uses. The alternative currencies do provide for total anonymity of the users and their creators and this could be one of the reasons why some cryptocurrencies are just weird fantasies of some minds as thy get undisputed freedom to express and give shape to their ideas. If you know of a coin which has a story, which is different, and is created for reasons that are awkward or strange, let me know in the comments below.



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