Blockchain offers an innovative solution for safe and decentralized payment transfers. The cryptocurrencies developed with the aid of blockchain technology have fairly revolutionized the way we have been making transactions and has infused a level of security and transparency which otherwise is regulated and controlled. Ethereum, goes beyond being just…

“Currently, the biggest challenge is that financially impoverished farmers and their families produce the Cocoa and for them buying fertilizers and pesticides isn’t not an affordable option.”

Experts and environmentalists studying climate change and its effects have warned that because of the increasingly warming temperature, it would be difficult to…

Recently, I got a chance to get invovled in a discussion about the status of social welfare programs and policies adopted by the US and other major economic powers. And so, here’s an article that runs through a brief history of social welfare in the United States.

Though social welfare…

Utsav Kumar

Content Strategist With A Passion For Evolving Technologies

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